Water Damaged iPhone!


What to do after you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in any liquid is turn it off! Prevents it from causing a shortage and gives it a better chance at survival. Remove sim card tray and clean off as much excess water as you can. Bring it to us as soon as possible. We want to prevent corrosion damaging the motherboard. Luckily most phones now come water RESISTANT  which helps a lot  but in most cases if you’ve replaced any parts or its an older model that lowers the chances of the phone being resistant to water. The adhesive after time wears out and is not as strong as it should be or when doing a repair it comes off entirely. Because of this our techs make sure to install similar adhesive after every repair.

PSA: THE RICE MYTH DOES NOT WORK, its better on food than on your phone đŸ™‚



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