Water Damage Repair

Water damage? We can fix it!

Nine out of ten times we can save an iPhone or android from water damage. In fact, it generally doesn’t matter if you dropped your phone in liquid other than water, such as a drink, or worse a toilet. Using our equipment, we can usually fix the damage while you wait in the lobby.

Water Damage

Even if your phone was fished from a swimming pool, our specially trained technicians have worked on so many smartphones that we can say there is a 90% chance that we can fully restore your phone back to normal. But, there are certain things you need to known so that you don’t make the damage worse.

Do’s and Don’ts for Water Damaged Phone

  1. Do not turn the phone on.
  2. Do not push any buttons.
  3. Do not shake the phone.
  4. Do not charge the phone.

If you do any of these things you lessen the chances that your phone can be saved. One thing you may want to do is stick it in a bag of rice or wrap it with a paper towel to help absorb some of the moisture. Next, you want to bring or send your phone to us immediately so that we can have the highest chance to save it.

Upon receiving your damaged phone, we will run a complete diagnostic test on it. Then we run your phone’s circuit board through our state of the art machines. If any other parts are damaged we will notify you and repair it with your approval.

Upon completion, your phone will be fully tested. If it passes the tests, we should have it back to you within 24 hours unless the water damage is very bad, in which case we may need to keep your device longer to fix it.