Summer Repairs!

Summer Repairs!

Summer is right around the corner, and even in spring the hot weather is starting to show itself. Here are a list of common repairs we see during the summer months.

Battery Repairs

Heat is a batteries worst enemy! This is such a big issue that most Samsung and Apple phones have built in temperature sensors to know when your phone is too hot!

Old batteries are more susceptible to symptoms of heat compared to new batteries. These symptoms can be poor performance, loss of battery life & even swelling!

Screen Repairs


When it comes to cellphones, one problem often leads to another. Referring back to battery issues, a swollen battery is likely to damage your screen from the inside out. With most iPhones, a swollen battery that is left un-checked can put enough pressure on the screen to pop it out or even crack it!! Making screen repair 2nd on our list.

Aside from a bad battery, having your cellphone out in the heat can be a serious problem. Keeping a cellphone in your pocket during the hot summer months brings about a number of potential issues, #1 being sweat!

Sweat or moisture in general can cause some serious damage to a cellphone, especially if it has been repaired before. Most cellphones come from the factory “water resistant”, but that water resistant seal has to be broken during the repair process.

This is even more true if you have a cracked screen or back-glass! Water has the ability of finding its way into anything! So when it comes to having your phone in your pocket with a cracked screen, that can be a recipe for disaster.

Phone Cleaning

All of the symptoms listed above can only lead to one thing, a dirty phone.

From a swollen battery to a cracked screen, anything that leaves your phone’s internals exposed can lead to dirt and grime build up, not to mention the normal everyday use of a cellphone. Cellphones get exposed to everything! Water, dust, dirt, beverages, or everyday household items.


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