Stay Safe Nevada

Stay Safe Nevada

In every day life, our hands touch public door handles, money, food, and possibly the most often, our mobile phones. Since we are constantly interacting with our phones every day, they become littered with bacteria, which we continue to spread around every time we touch them. We wash our hands, but do we wash our phones?

Mobile phones can facilitate the transmission of  bacteria, so here are some solutions for decontaminating mobile phones.

#1. Use disinfectant

  • Always unplug your phone or tablet before attempting to clean it.
  • Use of most household disinfectant sprays, cleaners & wipes work well to stop the spread of bacteria.
  • Don’t spray your device directly, and avoid getting liquid in any holes or openings.
  • If you’re concerned about removing the oil-resistant coating, or if you want to go to town with some disinfectant, remember to wipe it down with either a soft cloth dampened with a little rubbing alcohol or a disinfecting wipe. (Some chemicals are stronger than others, so please use caution).
  • If you are unable to access cleaning supplies, please stop by our shop! We are offering to sanitize mobile devices for our local community.

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