Samsung Repair vs. Apple Repair

Samsung Repair vs. Apple Repair


Have you ever wondered why some androids cost more repair than iPhones? Well, here’s the honest answer. Repair prices are based off 3 things. The cost of the replacement parts, the difficulty of the repair, and the time/labor required to actually repair the device.

Comparing repairs in the world of today’s mobile tech , the difference in the amount of skill, experience and patience needed between brands pretty huge!

The exterior of most samsungs are made from glass. Which is then glued to the internal metal frame with adhesive.

Carefully removing the glass back reveals the inner workings of the S7 Edge. to test the phone to trace down faulty parts, (in this case a broken LCD).

After finding the problem, the next step is to remove the broken LCD without damaging the onscreen buttons underneath the glass.

After removing the screen, the next step is to clean the frame and apply new new adhesive.

And finally after applying new adhesive to the frame, the phone is ready to be re-assembled.

This post will be continued in Pt. 2 of “Samsung Repair Vs. Apple repairs”, where we will show the process of repairing an iPhone screen & explain the differences between the two brands.

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