PSA! Back up your device!

Picture this, its a nice day you decide to go for a walk. As you are going down some stairs an extra step comes out of nowhere and you trip. Not as much to fall but enough to painfully see your phone clash down to the concrete floor. You slowly pick it up knowing what’s coming next but not wanting to accept it, you turn it around… its shattered. Screen blacked out, colorful lines going up and down the screen and small glass shards all over. At that moment you regret even stepping out of  your cozy home. That place where your phone didn’t have the same fate as Humpty Dumpty. Alas there’s no way of going back in time. So you go to that one mobile repair store you casually saw once yet never thought you’d have to go to. They fix your screen but your phone turns on disabled. What you didn’t think of is even though you can’t see what’s going on on your screen doesn’t mean nothing was going. While still blacked out it was glitching and pressing what should’ve been your passcode and ultimately blocking your device until it disabled it. The tech is breaking the news to you and while you listen to them explain all you hear is how you have to reset your phone, deleting all your information and how there’s no way around it. You were given hope when you heard “but if you backed up your information you should be fine” but just like your phone that hope crashed to the floor because you knew you did not back up any information. Why would you ? You aren’t someone who breaks their things, so it never occurred to you that you’d need to. They restored your phone and have it back and working again but with no information. You won the battle but at what cost? Don’t be like me, back up your phone. If iPhone you have the iCloud account. Samsung? you have Samsung account or even to your Gmail account. Or if neither or just to be on the safe side upload everything to your computer on a file. Just a friendly reminder, back up your information.

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