Quality Repair Over Speed

Quality Repair Over Speed.

A scenario everyone with a damaged smartphone faces.
Wait for your repair to be done right, or rush the repair? Which to choose?
There are two clear answers to this question.



#1. A rushed job done increases the risk a technician haphazardly repairing the device, potentially causing more damage by neglecting to follow a solid repair procedure.
#2. Allowing your local repair shop enough time toe thoroughly inspect the device, perform an in-depth diagnostic check, and carry out the necessary repairs.

Rushed repairs cause more headaches than the time you saved by rushing, and makes most common repairs inconvenient.
For example…

The pictures in this post are from a iPad Air repair here at Premier Telecom.
In the 3rd picture (shown above), there is a step in the repair process that most techs avoid.
(Removing the old adhesive)

By avoiding this step, the replaced parts won’t bond to the metal frame of the iPad enough to maintain a long lasting repair.
This can cause the new parts to separate from the device over time, potentially causing more damaged in the future.

Most of these extra steps only take a few minutes during a repair, and can prevent some major issues in the future. That is why you should ask yourself before you’re next visit to the repair shop, “Quality repair over speed”?


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