Keeping True Tone after iPhone screen repair

Have you lost True Tone on your iPhone?

True Tone is a feature that automatically adjusts the color and brightness of your iPhone’s display to match the lighting around you. You can find the True tone setting under “Display & Brightness” in the setting panel on iphone models X and up.

True Tone doesn’t significantly change the color of the display, but it generally makes it appear to have a yellow tint.

When taking your iPhone in for screen repair, the true tone feature can be lost if the screen is not replaced with a OEM, or refurbished OEM screen.

But, what if you need to fix your screen, are there any options?

Fortunately yes! The only options available are to send your phone to Apple to get a replacement device. Or, find a local repair shop that can program your new screen with the right coding to keep True Tone.

Here at our shop, we do just that. True Tone programming is available for screen repairs using refurbished OEM screens.

For more information about this subject, stop by our repair shop or ask your favorite technician to learn about the benefits of keeping True Tone on your favorite iPhone.

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