How heat can cause battery issues

A battery that caught fire after removal.

How heat can cause battery issues!

Here at Premier Telecom, the most common repairs we see are swollen, old, and dangerously overcharged batteries.

All electronics have one enemy, heat! As mobile devices keep advancing and become able to perform bigger and more challenging tasks, they need more power than ever before! This means most devices get hotter and use more power than they ever have before. When you add outside heat into the equation, its a recipe for disaster .

Local Las Vegas customers come to us complaining that batteries don’t last as long as they did, or broken phones caused by batteries puffing up like a marsh mellows in a microwave! Living in a desert climate requires special precautions with your smartphone or tablet because of the intense heat. Extreme heat can have a devastating effect on your favorite mobile devices, potentially costing you time and money to get it fixed.

We have a few tips and tricks to keep your devices healthy and cool.

#1 Keep an A/C vent pointed at your phone when driving

#2 unplug your phone after the charge reaches 100%. [Don’t leave it charging over night]

#3 Close any apps you aren’t using to put less stress the CPU while your in the heat.

#4 Keep your devices out of the sun!

#5 Replace your battery ever 2 to 3 years

If you think your battery is old or are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, stop by our shop and let our technician take a look!

If any of these suggestions helped you or anyone you know, let us know!!

We love feedback from our customers to help put the most common cellphone issues and their remedies into the light .

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